Dare to Dance Together

Last year I was lucky to participate in a beautiful, mind opening project. It was one of those experiences, that left you stunning, how amazing this world actually is. This coincidence of dance, music and different characters moved my mind, heart and body to step for a moment out of my comfort zone and to explore space and people through multiple perspectives, colourful, bright, with love.

My friend Aima wrote a great reflexion of these weeks in our mixed abilities group. It is so surprising how fast and with only little effort people can create something immaterial that still lasts so long.


One thought on “Dare to Dance Together

  1. nice blog post and beautifully written. Looking forward for more. Just some small grammatical mistakes though, I hope it’s fine in pointing them out . In line 2 of the first paragraph, it should be “stunned” and not “stunning” and in the second paragraph first line, it should be reflection and not reflexion. Beautifully written otherwise 🙂


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