How can we avoid packaging waste?

Presently there is one more way to reduce garbage in Vienna. Actually it is nothing new. Our grandmas used to buy in such a way at the market. Now we come back to the roots.

Lunzer Maß-Greißlerei is the first zero waste shop in Austria, where you can buy fruits, vegetables, flour or oil, everything without plastic packaging. This is not only good for the environment, but you can take groceries in amounts you really need. All you need is some containers, such as glass jars or tupperware in that you can fill the goods. If you don’t have containers, you can buy some glass jars or recycled paper bags in the shop.

There’s no waste in nature. Waste is a human invention.

– in.gredients

This type of grocery store exists already in the USA, France (Bordeaux) and will be soon in Germany (Berlin).

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Surely this is a future-oriented, sustainable idea and we hope some day it becomes reality for everyone. But there are difficulties on the way, such as producing systems, buy and throw away- mentality and high prices, which have to be overcome.


Community garden in Bordeaux

The idea of community gardens is spreading ever more and more in cities, which is a healthy and socially valuable development. Grey space gets green, the plants improve the microclimate, planting and gardening together are friendship making activities and in the end – sharing some fruits, vegetables or flowers together rewards for all efforts. The organisation and work behind are not to be underestimated and can be seen as a place making process, that also contributes to a higher connectivity and identity of the residents with the place. In my time as a student of landscape planning in Bordeaux I have found a tiny but lovely community garden in a pedestrian zone, maintained by a school and a social association. It consists only of two stripes along two buildings, fixed with sand sacks and wooden sticks. Only a few squaremeters are greened along the house facades, but there is an olive tree and wild wine growing, in the middle of the historical centre of Bordeaux! The one graffiti-sprayed building seems to be abandoned, at least the ground floor, but the beds and bushes improve the appearance of the scene. For me it shows how simple and effective in both ways urban gardening can be.

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